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Why Study Abroad? Today more than perhaps any time in history it is critically important to educate the best and brightest students to be global leaders in science, education, business, government and diplomacy. We face serious challenges in health, food sustainability, environmental change, energy, water resources, and interpersonal and international relations. The study abroad experiences are perhaps the most effective means to prepare the next generation to be successful leaders and effective global citizens in addressing these challenges.

Obstacles to Study Abroad While students cite a wide range of issues—perceived and real—to their ability to study abroad, most evidence suggests that the primary obstacle that students face is economic. A recent UC Davis student survey indicated that as little as $1000 can determine the ability of a student to participate. Scholarships in the $1,000 to $4,000 range could make a huge difference to many excellent students who wish to study abroad.

Creative Study Abroad Programs Politics: In Israel, students analyze the relationships among Arabs and Israelis, as well as inter-Arab relations and the relations between the rivals and external powers. Environmentalism: In “Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe” students examine principles of sustainability applied to urban areas and explore five different “green” cities both on bicycle and on foot and examine various sustainable practices and issues. Engineering: In Paris students examine iconic buildings and infrastructures like the Eiffel Tower and the Paris sewer system while they studying the mechanics of construction materials. Community and Regional Development: This hands-on course in South Africa examines urban and rural community development challenges and opportunities, with a particular focus on issues of racial justice and sustainability.

Giving to UC Davis UC Davis and in particular Global Affairs are committed to greatly expanding high quality study abroad opportunities for all. Our goal is to continue to build a truly international community. We invite you to partner with us; only together can we prepare for a global future.

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