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The Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials (VCCT) is dedicated to facilitating high quality research that benefits veterinary and human medicine. Our clinical trials help advance medical care for patients with naturally occurring diseases or injuries in a variety of disciplines including oncology, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, neurology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and cardiology. One way we help UC Davis researchers is by offering the CIRCLE Fund program, which aims to support our veterinary researchers with direct assistance to complete their trials.

With a team of highly trained Clinical Trial Coordinators who work with researchers within their clinical services, we help recruit patients, educate clients and facilitate their needs, assist with patient care, collect data on research findings, and help report those findings.

The CIRCLE Fund program launched in Spring 2022, with a call for applications from researchers who have trials that involve client-owned hospital patients and that will result in authored publication of trial results. CIRCLE Fund trials are generally not funded by corporate entities or large government grants, but instead these trials receive limited support from non-profit organizations, like Morris Animal Foundation, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the UC Davis Center for Companion Animal Health.

Our goal is to support even more trials in the future. Thank you for donating to the VCCT and CIRCLE Fund!

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